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NABCEP™ Certification The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners™ (NABCEP) offers entry level knowledge assessment, professional certification, and company accreditation programs to renewable energy professionals throughout North America. Raising industry standards and promoting consumer confidence, NABCEP is known as the “gold standard” for PV and Solar Heating Installation™ and PV Technical Sales Certifications™.


Benefits of a NABCEP™ Certification NABCEP™ is the most recognized and esteemed certification the solar industry has to offer. There are many benefits that come with achieving NABCEP PV Installation Professional™, PV Technical Sales™, Solar Heating Installer Certification™, and/or NABCEP Company Accreditation™. Certificants and Accredited Companies gain increased credibility and marketing value, giving them a competitive advantage over other solar professionals that do not hold the same certification or accreditation. This in turn provides greater career mobility and peer recognition. NABCEP Certification is the ultimate validation of experience and knowledge in the growing solar industry.


NABCEP Associate Program™ The NABCEP Associate Program™ is intended for many people who are currently working in, or seeking employment in, the renewable energy industry, including those who are: students in renewable energy programs, workers at an early stage in their renewable energy career, experienced professionals who have just begun offering renewable energy products or services, or those in renewable energy jobs for which there is no professional certification.


NABCEP™ is a registered trademark owned by the North American Board of Certified EnergyPractitioners™, (NABCEP™).


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